Here you will find a list of current tenants and their contact details.




Knowsley pensioners advocacy and information service (KPAIS)  Advice, advocacy and information for pensioners. KPAIS also run TASK which is a registry of approved trades people for work at home or in the garden etc :Tel:0151 449 3706

Knowsley carers:   Help and advice for carers including benfefit advice, advocacy, carers emergency card, support to access education and employment,holistic therapies, social groups, voucher scheme, counselling. : Tel 0151 482 6279

Healthwatch : An idependent network of individuals and organisations representing the views of local people.They allow everyone to have a say in how health and social care services are planned, developed and implemented. : Tel 0151 480 9177

First step :  Confidentiality, emotional and practical support and advice for people affected by domestic abuse including accessing protective orders, understanding criminal and family court systems, support with child protection issues and keeping safe : Tel :0151 548 3333 or visit

http://www.the firststep.org.uk



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